VeggieTales in the City

Veggie Tales in the City

VeggieTales has been around for several years and when Liz was small VeggieTales was one of her favorite cartoons. We watched them all of the time and I love that they are family friendly and of course have religion built in. She even had a Bob the Tomato toy that had to go everywhere we did for about a year. Larry the Cucumber traveled with us a lot as well, but Bob The Tomato was her absolute favorite! But heaven for bid if you leave the house with out her stuffed Larry the Cucumber. That guy went everywhere with us, and if he was forgotten you quickly remembered because she reminded you all to quickly.

VeggieTales grows beyond the house and takes root in the city in the newly re-imagined VeggieTales in the City! Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber and all your favorite Veggies are ready for a new set of adventures—all while imparting valuable and inspirational lessons along the way with original songs in every episode! Join these friends as they explore the city in all new fun-filled episodes only on Netflix, today, February 24th!

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