The Most Useful iPhone Spy App for You

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iPhone has become one of most popular mobile gadget today. There are many factors, why it can become really popular. The advanced technology installed inside it as well as many useful features for many different purposes are some of them. Therefore, many parents don’t have any hesitation, to give this gadget to their kids. Their kids can learn a lot from using the feature inside iPhone as well as the parents can easily communicate with their kids. But, if we give it just like that to our kids, we won’t be able to control how it will be used. Your kids can get a problem. In the worst case, your kids can access something that shouldn’t available for them. This is where an iPhone spy app becomes an important app for your kid’s iPhone.

The Best Parental Control App

Among many different apps with a parental control function, iKeyMonitor maybe can be said to be the best one. Just like its name, this application will monitor all activities on the iPhone, where you install it. The installation process is also easy. For non-jailbreak iPhone, you just need to Download it from App Store, enter your iCloud ID and the password, and the app will start to run. Once you install and run it, you can do many things with it. Of course, this app can also become the best protection for your children.

The Hidden Features of iPhone Spy App

The most important feature is that iKeyMonitor will keep hidden. This will it impossible for your kids to deactivate or remove it. Yes, you can see this app icon on the top bar of the iPhone. However, you can easily remove it from the Setting. Therefore, you can make it even difficult to detect. Even though it was hidden, you can easily access it with your own gadget, because of its particular safety system.

The iKeyMonitor Safety System

This app also uses a different system in keeping the data of current activities of the iPhone where you install it. Unlike other parental control apps that only use their server or different server from different hosting. But, this app will also send the data logs to your email or FTP space. Therefore, the person that can only access that data is you, as the owner of the email address. This isn’t only much safer compared to other apps. With this system, basically, you can always access the data anytime you want. Therefore, you can control your kids’ iPhone usage from a remote area, easily.

App Blocker Feature

As its main function as parental control application, you can use it to let your kids use their iPhone in an appropriate way. One of the functions of iKeyMonitor is App Blocker. The function of this feature isn’t only blocking the inappropriate app, games and such. However, you also can control how the app in your kids’ iPhone is being used. For example, you can use the daily maximum usage time with this feature. If your kids love to play games on their iPhone, with this feature, you can limit how long they can play it. This will help you to discipline your kids, plus they will have more time to study and play with their friend or family.

With so many benefits you can get from iKeyMonitor, this iPhone spy app will become a great help for controlling how much your kids can use their iPhone. And, the best of all, you can purchase its license for an affordable price. If you still hesitating, you can try their free trial program, and enjoy the greatness of this parental control app. After that, you can purchase it and get the best help for protecting your kids from many dangerous things on the internet.



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If I had kids this would be very useful.