Tips Before You Start Looking For an Apartment for Rent

You have decided to rent an apartment, but do not know how to do it right? Before searching for the ideal housing, first clearly define what apartment you want to get and how much you are willing to pay for it.

Experts say that it is more efficient and less time-consuming to entrust this issue to a professional real estate agent. Clearly indicate the parameters of the search for a rental apartment: which one would be the most attractive, what the budget is, the terms of the lease, etc. The real estate agent will provide you with different options based on specified parameters, and support for signing the contract.

Of course, the professional agent knows all the details of Redwood City rentals or rental options in other locations better.  However, the services of these agencies are worth the money. The standard rate for the services of a real estate agent is half the monthly rent. Nevertheless, even though the agent can help you out with all the possible details or the rental, you need to play an active role in choosing the right apartment.


In the apartment itself, you need to focus on the furniture layout. Evaluate how it fits you and whether it will allow you to arrange your own furniture (if it is possible).

The apartment can be offered partly or fully furnished. In case the owners of the apartment provide tenants with furniture, appliances or something else, it is necessary to check what condition these things are in. In case the furniture or other property of the owners does not suit you, or it is in poor condition, you can simply ask the landlord to take out these things.

Bath and toilet equipment

Remember that the condition of bath and toilet equipment requires a more thorough inspection.

What you need to check:

  • taps – whether they are old or new;
  • how well the valves work;
  • if there is any moisture on the pipe joints;
  • if there is moisture on the floor and, in particular, in the corners of the bathroom;
  • if the toilet bowl functions correctly;

You should also carefully check all hoses and fastenings from the dishwasher and washing machine.  If filters or other water purifiers are installed in the house, find out where they are located and how they are managed.

Do not forget that apart from the risk of leakage of pipes in your rented apartment, there are also tenants from the top, with their washing machines, bath habits, and worn out plumbing. Carefully check the upper corners of the bathroom and kitchen for any stains or pasted wallpaper.


Since most of the engineering systems in any modern apartment are practically hidden from the eyes, only a small part of it remains on the surface: switches, sockets, chandelier bases, etc. Just make sure that the sockets and switches do not fall out of the walls and there are no traces of melting and burning on their bodies and on the walls around them. Try to plug in any lights, and make sure there are no sparks.

Locks and keys, security

Be sure to check all locks. Check the operation of the alarm and intercom.

Ask the owner to change at least one lock. This will protect you from visits to previous tenants if the apartment was rented earlier.

Remember that if you are going to get a nice one bedroom or 2 bedroom apartments for rent in Redwood City, CA you need to pay attention to all the possible details before paying money for them.

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