Smart Cooking with a Connected Kitchen

According to Cisco, more than 50 billion things, be they mobile devices, cars or even cardiac monitors, will be connected to the internet by 2020. Meanwhile, research from Gartner found that the connected kitchen will contribute at least 15 percent savings in the food and beverage industry. But knowing where to start in your smart kitchen journey can be complicated and overwhelming. Fortunately, there are plenty of useful gadgets to turn your kitchen into an efficient machine that can do everything from help you grocery shop to cook your next dinner to perfection. Here are five ways to get your connected kitchen cooking.

Drop Scale

According to research and data collected from ThinkGoogle, 59 percent of 25 to 34-year-olds cook with their smartphones or tablets nearby. Fortunately, you can use the gadgets you already have to give your kitchen an intelligent boost. For example, the lightweight and space-saving Apple iPad mini 4 is the perfect size for your kitchen. Connect it with Drop Scale to connect with interactive recipes to walk you through the cooking process in easy, bite-sized steps.

Once Drop Scale figures out how much your bowls and plates weigh, it can tell you if you have enough of the ingredients inside. It will tell you if you need a little less flour or how much sugar you should add. Drop Scale makes it tough to mess up your dinner plans and can help you impress with new recipes.

Tefal Actifry Smart XL

Ever wonder how to get stir fry or fried chicken just right? The Tefal ActiFry Smart XL connects with Bluetooth technology to remotely control your cooking and easily adapt to recipes you’re following from its app. The app also comes with tips from ActiFry’s community and can help bring a personal touch to your favorite go-to recipes. Aside from Bluetooth connectivity, ActiFry relies on pulsed air to cook faster and comes with embedded electronic temperature control for your cooking expertise.

Replenish Blender

Replenish is for you if you want to eat better and make more smoothies without the mess. The Replenish Blender not only promises to make tasty smoothies in seconds, but also guarantees zero clean-up. Ideal for either your kitchen or home office, Replenish is the first self-cleaning appliance. Order the pre-frozen Replenish Cups with fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts to whip up fresh snacks and smoothies. The cups are recyclable and your smart blender knows how to clean itself instead of making you do it.


End the struggle of grocery shopping with Hiku. Scan barcodes from your grocery, and Hiku will not only learn what’s in your pantry and create a shopping list, but it also learns to recognize your voice so you can update your grocery list by talking. Use Hiku’s shopping list app on your next grocery run, or connect to your online store to streamline your online ordering experience. You can share your shopping list with anyone in your home so no one’s doing double duty and wasting time and money on duplicate items.

XYZ Printing’s New Food 3D

If you’re looking to splurge, check out the XYZPrinting 3D food printer with a 5-inch touch screen that prints out cookable food in layers. Pastry lovers can create their own confections with designs downloaded directly to their printer. Creating standing dinosaurs and fancy desserts that are sure to impress. You don’t have to tell anyone you printed out the dough, just cook, serve and take the credit for yourself.


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Anne-Marie Tvete

I love the idea of the Hiku’s shopping list app, but I am not sure about 3-D printed food.


Wow I didn’t know about any of these – at all! Iove the Replenish blender, most b/c I hate cleaning them after making a smoothie.

Ronald Gagnon

Wow would this make my life in the kitchen easier

Jo-Ann Brightman

I love the idea of printable foods in layers.

Sherry Compton

Technology has come so far. We now have bluetooth in everything, but I had never heard of a self-cleaning blender. Happy cooking!

Ghalmi Chokri

i think traditional cooking will be always so delicious and we enjoy using our old kitchen since smartphone or tablet will not know the secret ingredients to moke food so delish and so healthy!


Love what I read about the Hiku. This would come in very handy indeed!