Shaping Your Fun: Round or Square, Which Trampoline is Better?

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If you want to purchase a trampoline for whatever reasons, you may need to consider its shape. Different trampolines come in various shapes and sizes allowing you to jump in different ways. The round and square trampolines vary in their area and jump, and the choice of either of these options will depend on how you want to use the equipment. If you are still wondering what the difference between a square and round trampoline is, here’s what you should know.

The Round Trampoline

This is the most popular shape in the market and is suitable for any user. This shape offers a consistent bounce given the spacing of the springs around the frame. Additionally, the natural bounce created by the round trampoline redirects the jumper to the center irrespective of their take-off point. An advantage of this shape is that the whole frame absorbs the pressure applied every time you jump.

The reduction in weight which is required for the creation of a sturdy frame leads to a less expensive option. Moreover, round trampolines are light and can be moved with ease around if a need arises. These trampolines are available in various sizes to ensure you get the perfect size for your family.

The round trampolines are suitable for recreation and can be placed in the front or backyard of your home. However, unlike the rectangular ones, the round trampolines cannot withstand much force or weight. If you are buying for toddlers and young children, you will need to consider the aspect of safety. Young children are novices when it comes to using trampolines. As a result, the round trampoline will be a suitable option since it will accommodate their limitations.

The Square Trampoline

Just like other trampolines, the square trampoline is measured from one end of the frame to the other. Nonetheless, this equipment has a longer end to end measurement as opposed to the round trampoline. Additionally, it offers more than twenty percent jumping space compared to the round trampoline of the same size since you can also use the corner spaces which are not found on an oval or round trampoline.

Since most trampolines of this kind are designed with a higher steel gauge, their weight limit is relatively higher as opposed to the round ones. A recent innovation combines the greater jumping surfaces found in the square trampoline with the structural stability of the round trampoline. By rounding the corners slightly, the trampoline becomes ideal for people in need of greater stability, performance, and a large jumping space. A square equipment offers a more bounce as opposed to the oval or round trampoline, but its bounce is less compared to the rectangular ones. If you are looking for the largest jumping space, you can get you can see more rectangle trampoline reviews here.

Before buying a trampoline, it is important to know the differences between the round and the square kinds. These two objects offer different features and also vary in bouncing space and weight. Whatever your choice may be, make sure you consider the safety of the user. An enclosure will not only prevent a risky fall but will also increase the versatility of your equipment. Make sure you stop and read more rectangle trampoline reviews here. 


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I have never really thought about it. I just assumed a square one would be better than a round one.