The Pros and Cons of Using Your Phone for Video Meetings

With mobile technologies advancing at such a rapid pace, it’s easy to see why brands and individuals all over the world are turning to online solutions. From online shopping to socializing and even the new online medical services that are being tested and refined, our world is not only becoming very online-oriented but also very “on-the-go”. What the top computers could do 15 years ago can now be done in a small device that you carry around in your pocket, so it’s about time that people start utilizing these amazing tools for greater business efficiency.

However, as with everything else in life, there are both pros and cons to mobile conferencing or video meetings, so let’s explore precisely what those are.

Pro: The Convenience of Taking your Meetings Wherever you go

While we would all like to be able to be everywhere at the same time, the truth is that you simply can’t do that, and oftentimes work or clients will have you traveling to meet someone, inspect new supplier products or a number of other important tasks. As such, being able to connect face to face with whomever you need to without having to be physically present is invaluable in regards to convenience and productivity. Rather than carefully having to plan your traveling and meetings far in advance to ensure you can attend both, you can simply connect with your smart device from wherever you are.

Con: Potential Network and Coverage Problems

If you are enjoying mobile meetings or conferencing while actually moving from place to place, there are potential network problems that may arise. This is because, as you move, your signal may have to be transferred between network towers. And while this method of signal transferring does allow you to move while staying connected, each time it is transferred there is a small chance of you simply being disconnected. As such, you may want to plan at least slightly in advance, so that you can be stationary with a strong, unmoving signal for and uninterrupted connection. Additionally, while this is far rarer an occurrence, some areas don’t actually offer coverage, meaning that you can’t connect unless you move closer to the network towers. And if you were relying on being able to partake in the meeting, you may have to make an effort to find an area that does have coverage.

Pro: The Modern Audio and Video Quality of Modern Devices

We are fortunate to live in a modern age, in which mobile technology has advanced to such a high standard. Only 20 years ago now, cell phones were still relatively new – and clunky – and even phone calls sometimes had crackles and distortion. Nowadays, however, we are far beyond that, and are capable of transmitting almost perfect quality audio and video from a device that is about the size of a typical hand. So while the old stigma of bad quality may still be around, you can trust that modern communications are a lot more reliable. Additionally, mobile communications and conferencing service providers are also advancing their technologies, and with cloud servers and live cloud computing becoming more common, you can expect the quality to become even more clear and stable than it is currently – and this is especially so if you acquire reputable video conference mobile services from a trusted brand like BlueJeans Network.

Con: Possible Distractions and Noise

A factor that is extremely important, as Fast Company agrees, when partaking in a mobile meeting from your handheld device is that you need to be aware of the noises, lighting and potential distractions around you. There are few things more frustrating than having one person in a video conference that has constant noise or a distracting background behind them. And aside from being quite rude in regards to modern video call social etiquette, it can also dramatically reduce the productivity of all partaking members. So be sure to find a location with as little noise as possible. Additionally, as Computer World explains, remember to engage with the other members of the meeting, and also be engaged. Now, while this may sound strange at first, it’s very easy for you to get distracted by your surroundings. So finding a noise-free, distraction-free location is always a great idea for both you and everyone else in the conference.

While there certainly are both pros and cons to utilizing your mobile device for online video meetings and conferences, many of the cons can be accommodated for with simple planning. So next time you have to choose between traveling to see an important client or connecting with and discussing important issues with your employees, you can rest easy knowing that, in our fantastic modern age, you can in fact, choose to do both.


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