PiYoga Pants for Mother’s Day or Anyday!

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Disclosure:  I received PiYoga pants in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

Did you get money for Mother’s day or your birthday? Possibly you are looking for one of the most comfortable yoga pants out there right now.  PiYoga Pants are definitely where you want to look.

PiYoga pants are boutique lounge & yoga pants with a dual purpose.  You can exercise in them or relax in them.  Dress them up or dress them down.  It is all about what you want to do.  I actually had PiYoga send a pair to my daughter because I knew she would love them, and I was right! She loves them.

Pi Yoga Pants for Mother's Day

“They are comfortable and I want to wear them all of the time”, -Abbey

About PiYoga Pants

They are handmade with love from the tropical shores of Bali and donates 10% of net profits back to sea turtle conservation efforts around the world.

Their Mission is simple.

They work toward empowering women of all shapes and sizes to feel comfortable and confident on and off their yoga mat.  What I didn’t realize when I first picked out a pair for my daughter is they also offer US W size 12-16 Scrunched Bottom Pants.   They also have US W size 0-10 Petite Straight Leg Pants (under 5′ 1.5″) and US W size 0-10 Regular Straight Leg Pants (over 5′ 2″)


You can find more about their sizing at the links above.  They also have a bonus pocket on the side which is perfect for your cell phone!   Right now the Scrunched Bottom size is their very best seller!

Scrunched Bottom Sizing.  PiYoga pants are designed for every BODY.

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