Keeping Your Family Safe And Happy While Exploring The Wild

There’s no need to try and scare anyone about the dangers of camping. The benefits should enough to make it an attractive package, helping your family stay fit, enjoy some gorgeous environments, and learn a little more about nature. But that’s not to say that there aren’t risks to be prepared for. A fun camping trip can very well become a scary emergency if you’re not taking those risks seriously. Here are three that you should get particularly educated on.

Keeping Your Family Safe And Happy While Exploring The Wild

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Know your environment

Even if you’re choosing the tamest, family-friendly campsite available, you should be well aware that you are on nature’s front door. Be especially wary if you’re camping near the homes of predators like bears or wolves. Don’t let your children go anywhere unsupervised, and set ground rules about not going too far from the tent or anywhere near the fire, putting it out when you’re done with it. Don’t set up your tent too close to the water, either. Finally, do be aware of the real risk of mosquitoes and ticks. They’re not just annoying, they bring a real risk of disease. Keeping bug nets around the tent and buying Thermacell mosquito repellent can make your family much safer.

Food and drink

You’re going to need food and drink and to keep things convenient, many families will camp near areas that serve it for you. If you’re staying out in the real wild, however, then you need to make sure that any meat you’re cooking is thoroughly cooked. Bring a meat thermometer with you and test the center of anything before you serve it once you know what temperature it should be. Make sure that your kids don’t drink from contaminated sources of water, either, that can contain parasites or other nasty bugs. Buy Thermo Boutique insulated water bottles to keep plenty fresh water with you while you’re out exploring or bring water purifying tablets. Finally, don’t take any chances with wild mushrooms, regardless of how tempting it might be or how much you think you might know about them.

Beware the elements

When all you have is a tent to protect you from the elements, then make sure you’re bringing the right tent. There really is no point in trying to camp with anything other than a waterproof tent like the Marmot Tungsten 3p. You should check the weather reports to try and find the most pleasant days possible, but you should always prepare for wind and rain. That includes not camping downhill or on flat land, where water can build up and start to flood any tent. Finally, don’t forget to be conservative with your choice of sunscreen and make sure you get the kind that protects from both UVA and UVB rays.

So long as everyone’s being sensible and you’ve got the right gear, then camping is nothing to worry about. Just a trip into the wild with some great company and lots of memories to make. But you should never underestimate the real dangers if you don’t prepare for the weather, for where exactly you’re camping, and how you keep everyone fed and watered.



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