The Hub on Influenster; an Enjoyable Place to Visit #InfluensterNation

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The Hub on Influenster

The Hub on Influenster; an Enjoyable Place to Visit #InfluensterNation

Anyone that knows me; knows I enjoy technology.  I have always wanted an iPad but so far it is not something I have yet purchased, but I do enjoy the reviews and reading about them. Especially since it is from different points of view.  What I do have is a Kindle, which I really enjoy.  I now wish I had the paperwhite after reading about it on the Influenster: The Hub .  

I really enjoy reading when I can fit it into my schedule, and although I enjoy actual books; a kindle makes it easy to take with you.  With all of the books on my Kindle I would never be able to take them with me, nor have enough space in my living room for them.

I love on Influenster how you can look for reviews for various products from Entertainment to Beauty and many topics in between.  I have been a part of Influenster for a few years now, and I love how they continue to grow and improve their website.  Now they have an InfluensterApp Itunes and for  Android Users I read that as of 10/14/2014 one is still in the works.

What I enjoy the most about Influenster is :

  • that you have access to The Hub on Influenster.
  • they have a lot of great opportunities to work with great products
  • Great reviews from real people that have used the product they are reviewing
  • Also many perks that they offer on their site.

You can join Influenster, or stop by the site and see what it is all about.  You can earn badges, have the chance to review items, or do reviews on items you use in your home.




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