Homeowners And Renewable Energy – The Facts

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Homeowners And Renewable Energy – The Facts

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Years ago, a property owner wouldn’t have cared about renewable energy. Rather, he or she would have scoffed and said something about it being “new-age nonsense.” In 2017, homeowners know that global warming is real and isn’t a joke. Therefore, renewable energy sources seem like a great idea. After all, they help the planet and cut costs. What else could be better? However, clean power isn’t always picnics and rainbows. There are features homeowners have to be aware of, and you can find them underneath.

It’s Long-Term Investment

Solar panels or a wind turbine won’t magically save you money. In fact, they will cost more in the short-term. The reason is the expense of the equipment which you have to pay upfront. When you factor in the thousands of dollars for the cost of installation, the bills are going to be a tad higher for quite a while. However, after five to ten years, the energy expenses will begin to drop significantly. What does this mean? It means an owner should only invest if they are going to be on the property to see their ROI. Otherwise, renewable power could be more expensive and increase the cost of living.

It Depends On Your Circumstances

And not just from a financial point of view. Yes, a homeowner needs the cash to invest in the first place. However, they also need to grounds to house a large piece of machinery. Take wind power as an example. Sadly, a huge turbine won’t fit in a tiny back garden twenty feet away from the kitchen. Not only will there not be enough space but the noise will be deafening. Therefore, a large plot of land is essential to keep it out of the way. People who live in flats or tower blocks or conjoined houses are not realistic targets.

It’s Not Trustworthy

The technology is sound and so is the return on investment. Even on cloudy or sunny days, solar panels and wind turbines still produce energy respectively. No, it’s not the tech you can’t trust but the installers. Like all new creations, some “experts” will try to take advantage of your lack of knowledge. Now that you know this, it’s essential to be observant before signing on the dotted line. At first, it’s best to opt for trusted solar panel companies regardless of the price. Then, trust shouldn’t be an issue. Next, ask your company of choice for past customer reviews. Better yet, find a mutual friend who is unbiased and get a recommendation.

It May Not Make A Difference

Are the panels on the roof? Is the turbine on the grounds? Great stuff! But, don’t expect the transformation to be complete without a thorough analysis of the house. Many properties are inefficient and renewable energy sources won’t change the fact. All they do is maintain the inefficiency. The trick is to lower the amount of power you require. Then, the panels or turbine won’t have to work as hard and produce excess energy.

As always, look at the facts before you make a significant home investment.


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