Hidden Hygiene: Don’t Forget to Clean These Places in Your Home

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As the saying goes: out of sight, out of mind. When you can’t see something in your home, you tend not to think about it. That might be fine when you’re shoving some things in your closet before you have guests, but it’s not great when it comes to keeping your home clean. You can easily forget about several places in your home that you need to clean, but that end up being neglected because you can’t see them. Until there is some consequence of not cleaning them, you don’t think about it, but by then it could have turned into a bigger problem. Keep your home cleaner by making sure you don’t miss these spots.

Hidden Hygiene: Don't Forget to Clean These Places in Your Home

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Underneath Rugs

Area rugs are fantastic for decorating your home. They give you something soft under your feet on hard floors, and they can add color and texture to any space. When you’re vacuuming, you probably make sure to go over them to pick up any dust and dirt. But how often do you make sure you clean underneath them? Your rugs might protect the floor a little, but it’s still easy for debris to make its way underneath them. If you haven’t lifted up a rug in a while, you might be surprised by what’s underneath. Make sure you clean underneath any rugs and consider whether you need to clean the rugs themselves too, instead of just vacuuming them.


You might not remember to clean out your drains until a problem arises. Maybe you notice that your sink isn’t draining so well, and you have to wait for all the water to drain away. Or perhaps there’s an unpleasant smell, which could indicate a problem. You can’t see inside your drains, so it’s easy to forget that they need to be cleaner. If you’re having problems, a professional service can be the best thing to take care of your clogged drain. Using products that you can buy yourself can be bad for your drains, especially if you use them too much. And they might not take care of the problem on their own.

Hidden Hygiene: Don't Forget to Clean These Places in Your Home

Credit: Pixabay

Inside and Under Appliances

Your appliances, especially the small ones you use in the kitchen, can easily collect dirt. But as long as you’re not looking at them, you don’t have to think about them. You might notice the mess inside your microwave, but when was the last time you looked inside your toaster or took a close look at your blender? Dirt and bacteria can hide inside, and under your appliances, so diligent cleaning is essential.

Under Furniture

Don’t forget to clean under your furniture too. Vacuuming under the sofa or bed might be awkward, but the longer you neglect to do it, the worse the problem can become. You don’t have to move anything. It’s usually possible to get under furniture with your vacuum cleaner if you have a telescopic pole. But if there isn’t enough space, try to move the furniture occasionally so you can clean properly.

Don’t let areas of your home be neglected because you don’t have to look at them all the time. They can still be spaces for harboring dirt and bacteria.


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Michelle Fuller

Thanks. I must remember to pick up and clean under the blender, toaster, coffeemaker, I clean the top and bowl of stand mixer but it’s heavy to clean underneath.


This article will help me with my Spring cleaning.


Thanks for the useful tips!

Dana Rodriguez

This is a great reminder. I pulled the couch cushions the other day and it was bad where my fiance’ sits. Looked like a chip bag exploded under there LOL