Getting Your Priorities Right

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Now we’re approaching warmer months, there are some things that we have to do a little bit differently. The most obvious thing that we have to do is dress differently; this is not so much for style in many cases, but for comfort in getting cool. The next we have to do is eat differently – a lot of people don’t think that this is the case, but our bodies require more calories to keep our temperatures regulated. It’s a weird switch up that we don’t really think about … we just do it. Well, at least, we try to. Some of us aren’t so good at keeping up, especially with drinking more. We need to be able to show our kids how to keep themselves fit and well when it gets warm.

Clear out your wardrobe, clear out your mind…

There are things lurking in our wardrobes from years ago that we probably can’t even remember wearing. Using these next couple of weeks as your introduction to summer, try and clear these things out. If you have the room, it’s best to separate your summer and winter wardrobes and keep the things that you wear in the spring/fall (such as cardigans, light jumpers and heavier tops and shirts) on hand just in case the weather starts to dip. Get a vacuum-pack bag and put in the chunky knits, scarves, and hats which are taking up space and put them some place safe and accessible to reach for later on in the year.

Start to drink more…

It is recommended that, on a normal day – when the sun isn’t beating down on us and we’re not having to sit inside in an air-conditioned room to get us feeling anywhere near normal again – we should be drinking at least eight glasses of water. If you can’t manage this on one of these days, it’s time you invest in something like a Trago smart water bottle to remind you to drink. It’s not a silly thing to get something to nudge you to get hydrated – it’s so beneficial to you, your concentration, your focus, your skin, your energy levels … your wellbeing in general. Start doing it more and set an example for your children.  

Slap it on…

Protecting yourself is cool. Let’s just get that out of the way. If you don’t personally think this, then at least try and get your children to think it so that they put on as much sunscreen as they can to protect their skin from damage. Wearing a lotion with an SPF of at least factor 30 is vital, and so is wearing hats and glasses to minimize the exposure that both we and they get from the sun. Of course, this is not to say that a bit of sun exposure isn’t healthy – we benefit so tremendously from Vitamin D, but everything has to be in moderation. If you start feeling warm or notice a pink tinge, put some more on – you can never be too safe!


Wife, mother, grandma, blogger, all wrapped into one person, although it does not define her these are roles that are important to her. Entering into their 'empty nest' stage in life, Becky, and her husband Roger are learning to live with their youngest away at school more than not. Becky enjoys way too many TV programs but her favorites are normally criminal based or something to make her laugh. Keep an eye out because 2017 is going to be her year!

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wen budro

Thank you for this very useful post. Your words resonated with me because I am in the middle of some huge changes in priorities and behaviors. Despite my older age- I ate and drank whatever I wanted….whenever I wanted. Eating healthier and exercising were never a priority. Then, a health crisis forced me to embrace new priorities.

Crafty Nunn

Those are good ideas. Warm weather is here and I need to do them now. Thank you for the reminder.