Getting Your Husband Outfitted for the Winter

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With the cold weather on the way, I am busy making sure that each member of the family has the right clothes. Living in New York means that you need to be well prepared. It is not wise to leave things to the last moment. You really do not want to wake up to snow only to realize your winter jacket no longer fits.

Given the fact that my husband is originally from Texas it is particularly important to outfit him with warm clothes. He has adapted well to the colder climate but still feels the change in the weather more acutely than I do.

Warm underwear

I started by, buying him some good quality and warm men´s underwear and socks. On really cold days the base layer you choose to wear is really important.  For many men, cotton underwear is the best option. It keeps you warm while letting your skin breathe naturally.

However, this natural fabric is not for everyone. If your husband has a job that requires him to move about a lot, underwear and socks made from synthetic fabrics may be a better choice. This is because cotton is great at soaking up your sweat, which means that it soon becomes moist. When that moisture gets cold, naturally the wearer starts to feel colder too.

The right tops

Generally speaking, the best approach to winter dressing is to wear layers. Wearing a shirt over the top of a t-shirt will keep you warmer than if you were to just wear a thick shirt. It is wise to buy a few jumpers or sweatshirts for those really cold days.

Trousers and jeans

New trousers and jeans are also a good idea. The cut you choose is not really important. You just need to make sure that there is enough room to slip a pair of joggers or long thermal underwear on underneath them.

A multi-layered coat

Perhaps the most important item in any person´s winter wardrobe is their coat. It needs to look good, but also need to be practical.

In many cases, buying a multi-layered coat is the best approach. The way these jackets are designed means that you can adapt them to suit various weather conditions. Typically, they consist of a waterproof shell with a fleece or under-jacket that can be zipped to the outer layer. On cooler days, the inner and outer layers can be separated and the version of the coat you like the best can be worn on its own.

A hat and gloves

It does not matter how good the coat you buy is, you really should buy a hat and gloves as well. However, it is important to remember that hoods can restrict your field of vision, so in some circumstances, they cannot be worn up. Therefore, it makes sense to have a hat in your pocket that you can put on instead.

Appropriate footwear

The final item on my list is the right footwear. If your feet are cold or wet the rest of you will be too, no matter how warmly dressed you are. This comprehensive guide explains how to choose and buy the right pair of winter boots for each of the men in your family.


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