Family Baking Can Create the Best Memories

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The best memories can be baking with the ones you love.

I have so many memories of when I was a little girl.  They span from some I think I was told about and ones I actually remember but sometimes the lines are blurred. The memories I am sure I remember are those with my Grandma Ryan, my Grandma Mullen, my Mom, my daughter and even my granddaughter.

Both of my grandmas were wonderful bakers.  Don’t get me wrong they knew their way around the kitchen when it came to cooking.  Some of my best memories happened around their kitchen tables. When it came to baking, though, there are not many that have surpassed them.

grandma ryan image

My Grandma Ryan always made the best pies, cookies, and cakes.  Ok, she made the best everything desserts.  It didn’t matter what it was, it was great.  From helping measure ingredients, to licking the beaters, and possibly decorating (especially at Christmas).

danny and i beaters
My cousin and I licking beaters at my Grandma    Ryan’s back in 1970

But there were rules. No licking your fingers, not too many silver balls as they hurt Grandpa’s dentures, and do not overdo on the sprinkle toppings, as less is more.

grandma mullen birthday1

My Grandma Mullen always had cookies on hand and if she reached in her freezer you knew they would be frosted.  It was like she was always ready for a visitor to stop by. She also always colored some of her frosting for Christmas cookies, something that we didn’t do at home. One of my fondest memories was when she made a Maple Walnut Cake, with Maple Walnut frosting.  I spent the whole weekend and we ate the whole 9×13 pan.

Those are just some of the memories I have of baking with each one of them.  My Mom always said her pies or desserts were, “not as good as your Grandma Ryan”, but I have always disagreed.  She makes the BEST strawberry shortcake, strawberry rhubarb pies, Chocolate Mayonaise cake, and trifles.  I could keep going on but I think you know where I am coming from.

abbey making cookies

Then the tradition carried itself down to my daughter.  When she was younger she would bake cookies with me and cakes.  There was one time I remember we doubled the recipe for Snickerdoodles and it felt like we were baking forever.  So much so she decided she was done and went off to play.  Now that she is older we have our annual baking Christmas cookie cut-outs.  She used to help me with cutting them out. Now she stirs them up, cuts them out and bakes them.  All I have to do is frost them and she decorates.  If we are lucky we get her brothers, her Dad, sister-in-law and niece and do it as a family.

Emma baking

Now that I have a granddaughter I have tried to make memories with her.  She loves to roll out the dough for biscuits and really loves to help frost cakes or eat the frosting.

Even if baking or cooking aren’t your “thing” I am sure you can find things to do to make memories with your family.  Or even think of something from when you were a child that you remember and try to recreate that with your children and allow them to carry that on.


Wife, mother, grandma, blogger, all wrapped into one person, although it does not define her these are roles that are important to her. Entering into their 'empty nest' stage in life, Becky, and her husband Roger are learning to live with their youngest away at school more than not. Becky enjoys way too many TV programs but her favorites are normally criminal based or something to make her laugh. Keep an eye out because 2018 is going to be her year!

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Linda Manns Linneman

This was a great article. We have to make our memories. I love cooking with my grandchildren. Thank you so much for sharing this. God Bless


We loved cooking/baking with mama growing up. I remember how much fun we all had. We made a little mess, but we laughed and created good food.

Kristen Schwarz

I love baking at a kid. It is one of the most treasured memories. So I definitely try to recreate those memories with my kiddos.

denise low

I have learned a lot about cooking from my mom and my aunt. They were the best cooks.


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Geri Sandoval

I always remember baking with my grandma, I use some of her recipes to this day and taught my kids those recipes love all those memories


My granddaughter loves to bake with me and when she comes over that is what she will usually ask to do.

Crystal Walker

I always helped my Granny and my Mom baking and I will always remember all the good times and now my Granddaughters are baking with me so I hope they

rochelle haynes

baking with my mother

rochelle haynes

Love cooking with my mother

Jo-Ann Brightman

I tried to make memories with my sons while baking, especially for Christmas. They would help me decorate and loved the goodies.

Lauryn R

What a sweet story, thank you for sharing! I never had this as a child, but now that I have three littles of my own I always try to involve them in my baking! My oldest is 7 and she really enjoys baking with me, hopefully she will have fond memories in adulthood as well! 🙂


So many memories, sweet in more than one way! and how nice to be able to carry on traditions!

Dana Matthews

Awe….some of my best memories as a child are of baking with grandma. Dumplings and biscuits were my favorite things to make with her.


I think baking with your little ones is the best parenting tool you can have. It is truly something they will never forget in their lifetime.