The Most Expensive Jewelry Around the World

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Jewelry is a statement, a bold yet sophisticated piece of beauty to wear that shows the gifts that Earth can create. Each piece has a personality that tells the story of its origins and creation. Every single piece is designed and crafted by talented artists from the gold, diamonds, and gems that are dug from the Earth. 

Why is some jewelry so costly?

This past is what makes jewelry so expensive at times, the history of how the gem was found, shaped and polished to perfection. If a piece of jewelry is an antique, resulting in amazing stories and personal meaning, then it will be more expensive because it holds such unique history.

The more interesting the history of the jewelry seizes, the higher the costs will be. This infographic captures the most expensive pieces of jewelry around the world. But most importantly, it shows the reasoning behind the price, the deeper meaning and the memories that they hold.  In other words, it gives a better understanding as to why they are so costly and looks beyond that price tag.

The Emerald and Diamond Tiara

As you will soon find more about, the Emerald and Diamond Tiara is shockingly pricey, but there’s a reason for that cost. $12.7 million is how much this headpiece with such rich and luxurious history was auctioned at. If you think this is a lot of money, take a look at The Graff Pink, worth $35.5 million.

Spread a little inspiration

Once you’ve read the insightful reasons behind the prices of these stunning pieces of jewelry, be sure to give the infographic from Berganza a share. It’s here to educate people on the wonders jewellery can hold and bring some inspiration to the jewellery lovers out there.

The most expensive jewellery around the world


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So many gorgeous jewels!! Wow!! one day when I win powerball 😉