Don’t Lose Your Mind: How To Prevent Degenerative Brain Diseases

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Don't Lose Your Mind

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Degenerative metal disorders like dementia can affect many of us as we get older. As well as preventing us from carrying out many day-to-day tasks, these diseases can have devastating effects on the people around us.

Whilst much research still needs to be made to better understand how these degenerative diseases develop, there are some preventative measures that we do know about. Here are just a few ways that you may be able to fight off degenerative brain diseases.

Be a problem solver

Completing puzzles is a great way to keep the brain stimulated. This has been found to improve cognitive function, reducing the risk of mental deterioration. Puzzles can come in all forms from Sudoku to video games to everyday challenges such as splitting the bill at a restaurant or finding the best work strategy. Socialising and meeting new people has also been found to be good for the brain as it stimulates many of the same puzzle-solving neurons.

Dont Lose Your Mind

Stay active

Exercise isn’t just good for our bodies. There’s evidence that it’s also good for our brains as this article here points out. This is because physical activity increases the blood flow to your head giving our brain a fresh source of oxygen. This oxygen allows our brain to perform better and can benefit our sense of rhythm, coordination, and strategy.

Get up earlier

Getting enough sleep is very important and if you’ve got insomnia this post is worth checking out. However, too much sleep is also thought to be bad for us. Those that regularly oversleep, particularly during the day, could even be showing early onset symptoms of Alzheimer’s. If you feel you’re sleeping too much and having trouble getting up in the morning, it could be worth seeing your doctor.

Don't Lose Your Mind

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Try the Mediterranean diet

Your diet is also thought to have an effect on your brain. Studies have found that the Mediterranean diet could have a positive effect on the brain, helping to prevent the likes of Alzheimer’s. Such a diet is rich in oily fish, fresh vegetables, and nuts, all of which are great brain foods. These foods have also been found to have a healthy impact on the heart.

Don’t drink too much

Long-term excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks can lead to alcohol-induced dementia. Alcohol has a known short-term impact on memory which is why binging may result in a ‘blackout period’. However, over a sustained period, this short-term memory loss is thought to become more permanent. Cutting down on consumption could help to prevent this memory loss.



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