How Can Trichotillomania Be Treated?

When you have a sudden urge to pull out hair anywhere on your body, it can be hard to resist. Some people compulsively pull out the hair on their head, face, and body without really noticing that they are doing it.

This condition is called trichotillomania, and it affects hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. Some people may pull out their hair due to stress or boredom. The majority of people who suffer from the condition are women. Pulling the hair can give them a sense of relief and they might feel extremely happy once they have pulled out the hair. Some people go a stage further and eat the hair once they have pulled it, which can interfere with the digestive system.

You can get help from a female hair loss clinic in Belfast once you know that you have trichotillomania. They can help you deal with this problem effectively, and you will not have to spend a lot of money.

Get Some Extensions

Hair extensions can be weaved into your hair using an enhancer system. The new hair is attached to your existing hair and grows through a mesh that is installed on your head. You will not be able to feel the mesh at all, and the new hair will grow so that you can cut and style it in different ways.

You will feel like you have your full head of hair back, and you will be able to experiment with a lot of different cuts.

Get Some Advice About Dealing With Triggers

When you visit a hair treatment specialist for the first time, they won’t just install hair extensions and then send you out of the door. Instead, you can have an in-depth talk with the professionals there about your condition. They will want to know about your specific triggers and how this affects your trichotillomania.

For example, you might pull out your hair when you have just had an argument with a friend. Or, you might be motivated to pull out your hair when your children are being insolent and are not doing what you tell them to do. There are dozens of different things that can potentially set you.

It is important to recognize your particular triggers so that you can stop yourself from feeling overwhelmed enough to pull out your hair.

Get Some Advice About Physical Ways To Prevent Hair Pulling

When you are dealing with compulsive hair pulling, you might want to put physical barriers in the way. The easiest thing that you can do is to wear a pair of gloves. This can make it harder for you to grip your hair when you are trying to pull it out.

You can also wear a hat when it is not too warm.

Once you have had some extensions and some advice about dealing with your condition, you will hopefully find that your trichotillomania becomes a thing of the past.



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