Boost Your Confidence by Next Week

If you are new to the dating scene or have been at it a while, it is easy to get stuck in a rut of low confidence. But having high confidence is a necessity when you are putting yourself out there and trying to find love! Thankfully, there are many ways to get you back on your feet and feel positive. Here are some simple steps you can try to get back in the swing of being happy:

Give Yourself a Makeover

A makeover can be one of the quickest ways to give yourself a confidence boost. A quick trip to the hairdresser can leave you feeling like a million bucks! It may seem shallow, but think about your physical insecurities, and then think of how you can get over them. Learning how to do some bold makeup looks may change your whole outlook. Amway’s Connections blog is a great place to start when thinking about freshening up your look. Search for nutrition tips if you want to be healthier or lose weight, and scan categories such as hair care, skin care or vitamins and supplements.

Explore Your Hobbies

Enjoy painting or playing music? Always wanted to try getting good at tennis? Now is the time to give it a go! Confidence is built upon being happy with yourself, and what would make you happier than doing the things you’ve always wanted to do? It’s safe to say that most people just don’t spend enough time on their hobbies. Our lives are often devoted to work, errands and hectic family life, so much so that we may forget to take care of ourselves and be happy with what we’re doing with our lives. Be a proud animal shelter volunteer or finally take those dancing lessons. Make time for what makes you happy, and you’ll be more confident in your life.

Have Pride in Yourself

It’s easy to get stuck in a routine of reliving your mistakes in your head. Negative thoughts seem to linger in our brains for far too long … anything embarrassing or slightly resembling failure seems to be on a loop in your mind, which can really take a toll on your confidence level. Take action to stop that cycle. Start by making a simple list of things you are proud of. They can be personal accomplishments, such as running a mile at a new record pace, or work achievements, such as getting a promotion you’ve been seeking. They can even be much simpler day-to-day successes. For example, you can be proud that you are a caring parent, or that you’re really great at keeping a tidy house. These don’t have to be monumental triumphs; allow yourself to be proud of your small victories. Reminding yourself of the positive things in your life that you do can boost your confidence and make you forget about the silly mistakes.

Smile More!

It may seem silly to make yourself smile more often, but body language can have a serious impact on how you feel. Studies have found that while smiling is a sign of joy and contentment, it can also reinforce those feelings. In other words, making yourself smile can actually make you happier! Think of yourself at your most confident — you likely are smiling. Now do it. Your body will actually influence your mind into believing you feel that way. Not to mention, when you’re in the dating world, a smile will make you seem more approachable.

This is your life — why waste it feeling bad about yourself? Be happy with who you are and you’ll have a great journey on the dating scene. Take action to fight what makes you insecure and live a life you are proud of, and your confidence will be through the roof!


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