3 Qualities of a Super Doctor

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Your health is the single most important issue in your life. The professional in charge of it is your doctor. You need a super doctor — someone you fully trust with your caretaking. Determining whether a medical expert is right for you isn’t easy, though. Here are three qualities of a super doctor.

Ideal Bedside Manner

The way your doctor interacts with you identifies who he or she is as a person. Some physicians grow jaded over time. They stop seeing patients as people but rather as professional challenges. Their bedside manner becomes cold and clinical. You want to feel safe when you see a doctor. Someone who treats you like a specimen will never satisfy this desire.

Instead, search for a doctor who shows genuine interest in you as a person. You want a professional who listens when you describe your maladies. You also want him or her to know what you do for a living and show interest in your hobbies. The fact that you love the outdoors may seem innocuous, but the healthcare professional who remembers this has an advantage. Should you catch Cryptosporidiosis while swimming, a super doctor will know you well enough to test for it.

Suggests Rather Than Prescribes

One of the dirty secrets of medicine is that even the best treatments aren’t for everyone. You may have allergies to effective medications. Even if you don’t, something that’s highly effective for most people still isn’t universal. Plus, the warning label on the box could have stipulations that prevent you from taking the product.

You don’t want a doctor who isn’t adaptable. Someone who tells you to take what works for most people isn’t helping you specifically. They’re simply passing along conventional wisdom from the medical community. You need a physician who takes the time to consider your needs. Should you have a medical allergy, your doctor should understand potential causes. This information might reveal something important about your health status.

Forthright and Empathetic

Your doctor will deliver bad news on occasion. It’s understandable since you most often see a doctor when you’re not feeling well. You need someone who won’t act like a robot when he or she tells you something’s wrong. Otherwise, a bad moment will feel that much worse since you’ll feel alone in the office.

Similarly, a super doctor will show compassion for your situation. Super doctors let you know that they understand what you’re going through and how frustrated you must feel. If you’re going through a different process such as fertility treatment, they won’t forget the human element. You deserve to work with general practitioners and specialists that will take the time to tell you what to expect from the process. They should relay information from past situations similar to yours that were success stories.

Alternately, great medical professionals will comfort you should you struggle with your treatment. They should offer counseling suggestions. Super doctors make certain that you realize others are going through the same thing.

To find a super doctor who can become your primary caregiver, consider the qualities above. When you meet with a physician, compare their behavior to the checklist. You’ll know when you’ve found the perfect professional.


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